Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wed. 2/25

A yummy breakfast, a yummy lumch, & a yummy dinner makes a girl happy. I did another HBO treatment today, which is much better when I get to watch TV w/ sound. Now, I'm just waiting on some Demerol & a dressing change for my wound. I saw a few Drs. today, all wanting me to get better & get home. Nice guys.

The plans are another surgery on Monday to debride/clean the wound & partially close it up. Then I could possibly come home a few days later. I would still have to take weekday trips up here to the hospital for outpatient wound care in the HBO chamber, pick up my antibiotics (done thru my IV at home) at one of my Drs. office once a week, & then a home nurse once a day. This on top of my own personal wound care, pain meds, oral antibiotics, etc etc. But, I would get to be home.

Please pray for God's hand to be on my surgeon's during this surgery, & the timing to be just right for me to go home. There will be more risk w/ my discharge, but the guys think it is almost time. Hopefully, I won't need to be babysat too much.

I think I have the pain med situation figured out better, which is good & I can eat, which is certainly an answered prayer. Okay, gotta get rdy for some not so much fun. I do wish I was at church tonight w/ Casey & the girls.