Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thurs. 2/19

The Bad News:
I was praying for Staph, if I was to pick of the two. Well, the cultures are back & it is Staph (MRSA), but a newer (less than 10yrs old) strain that behaves like Strep. The proteins this strain makes (has, creates, something) attacks my white blood cells. So, when we thought my # going down was good, it could b/c my "soldiers" where dying. Just to reiterate, it is more resistant to antibiotics, but it is also more aggressive. I do have to warn anyone that it is not advised to visit it me w/ kids or if you are sick, just as much a precaution for me, as it is for you. Also,

The Good News:
Obviously, not "The Greatest News (see John 3:16)" but definitely awesome. God is good! I am young & healthy so this is rare, but I know I will be healed! I have some pretty skilled Drs. (did I mention The Great Physician?) and some wonderfully caring nurses. I have HOPE & I have Jesus!