Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mon. 2/23

Well, no such luck on the wound vac. I kind of expected, due to the lack of skin available & how much is needed to tape it before suction. It's still bumming that I have to deal w/ wound dressings & such, but my pain is much more controlled. I am currently on just Demerol every 4hrs, since I nixed the Morphine during this morning's nausea episode. I am hoping to make the transition to pain pills soon. Today has been a really good food day. I have eaten lots more protein & calories & I feel so much better for it. I did have a bathroom incident today that scared me, but God is good.

My cultures came back as no new bacteria, but I'm guessing some of the staph is still present?!? The surgeon said he would not close me until he was sure there wasn't anything in the wound to reinfect/attack me. So my next treatment is the Hyperbaric Oxgen Treatment. It looks so spacy, but I am told it will help so much. As far as I have read, the oxygen lvls (way more than we breathe in) will help the wound heal, the bad bacteria not to multiply easily, & the antibiotics to do their work. I am on a few antibiotics, which will continue for weeks, possibly months, but whatever it takes.

Ok, so I am like the youngest person on this floor, but it is just now 7pm & I want to crash. *yawn* I am so sleepy! I have to wait for all the shift-change stuff first. Off to listen to a little worship music. Glory in the Highest!"