Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sun. 2/22

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I overcame a few battles, one my lack of appetite, & the other made my Dr & nurses happy, but I won't say. While I did feel better since I could eat & drink, I was in more pain b/c I took some less meds. Oh & the fact I guessed my wound was 4in long but was told it was actually 9-12in. Big difference. The dressing changes are frequent & sore, but the pain meds are effective. I think I might've broken a world record for most antibiotics pumped into a single person. They are thinking tomorrow (Mon.) I will have a wound vacuum placed over my wound to clean it out for a few days. This means no more packing & covering, yay! I sure hope they can do it. Just learning a little more each day about MRSA staph & how to care of myself once home. I certainly do not want to get it again. Well, my nausea has been acting up this morning, even though I have this huge plate of bacon in front of me. How I want to eat & get well. Sure do wish I was at church though, sounds so nice, so normal. I will take my Lord where I can get Him though, & I know He never leaves my side. If I need reminding of His mercy, I think of how much worse it could be. When I think about His love, I think about my husband who has taken such good care of my affairs while I've been here, & my kids whom I miss more than words, but I know are doing great at the hands of others. Thanks be to God & all my dear friends.