Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I realized I haven't been posting my updates here for those w/out Facebook so below are my entries since being admitted into the hospital.

As fas as today, Tuesday, I AM doing better overall, out of the woods, so to speak, but there is still the danger of contamination of other bacteria, as well as an overgrowth of Staph. So far we are winning the war & the Staph is down to at least one-millionth of the original amount. The redness & swelling have subsided & though my incision is larger after surgery on Fri. the Staph has not advanced. I do have some black tissue in my wound, but it raises no alarms as far as my Drs are concerned, just normal tissue death, probably b/c it dried out some.

I can tell you today is painful & exciting. Painful b/c we are adjusting my pain meds to get me off morphine & on to pain pills (Lor-tab.) So far the pills aren't cutting it, but the doses of Demerol in between are keeping me sane. I have asked God to help me through this pain, which I know is temporary, but I jusy know I can't do this all myself. I used to think I could, but I have been so humbled & my eyes really opened in that way.

Anyways, the exciting part of my day has got to be the HBO (Hyperbaric Oxygen) Chamber I went into earlier. It sounds so helpful, I am really looking forward to this new healing tool. Starting tomorrow I will go down to the Wound Center at 130p.m. & "dive" at 2p.m. The whole process looks so Sci-fi. I lie in there for 1hr46mins. It takes the 1st 10mins to descend (I'm really not going anywhere but the pressure is) then I am at bottom on high-concentrated oxygen, then I come back up. I feel a little light-headed afterwards, but nothing strange good or bad. The HBO treatments should really do wonders for my wound healing & beating the Staph.

Other than that I take a few naps, get my wound dressings changed, eat, type, & every now & then I get to excercise or walk. I tried a few stretches today & a nurse (not my own) came in & made me sit down b/c my heartrate was up. Haha, I was only following Dr. orders anyways. My nurses are a little more lenient & take such good care of me, once again a huge blessing from God.

Just had to add: One of my Drs came in & has decided to switch me to Percocet & increase the dose. This could be the answered-prayer I was hoping for. =) Oh, and Josie has a sinus cold, she is on antibiotics, so no visits from her for a while. Liv has been running a fever today, so some extra prayers for the both of them would be lovely. Thanks! ~T