Friday, February 27, 2009

Fri. 2/27

There's not much to update on really. I just found out I'm probably having an allergic reaction to one of my antibiotics, so for now they have been suspended. Boy, was I having an itchy day! I do get to enjoy a 3-day weekend off from my HBO treatments, but that just means more naptime, & a more relaxed med schedule. Surgery is still on for Monday, unless labs come back abnormal. Not sure if I will have to wait 3-4 days after my surgery for culture results before I get discharged, or if I may get to leave w/in a day or two. Either way, I pray I am ready. I have lots of faith in my doctors & once again, I must mention the wonderful people here at Audubon who have shown me lots of love & given me tons of hope.

I haven't asked about when I can return into the public, mainly church. It is all up to the Dr. whether it is safe for you all & me too. Just to reiterate, I am not contagious in an airborne sort of way. It would have to be direct contact to my wound & body fluid to an open sore or cut. We all live w/ Staph on our bodies. I am still fighting the infection though, so for me to get sick (even w/ a cold) would lessen my efforts, by giving my body another battle. So we'll see, no rush.

Off to get some medical stuff done & take some pain meds, then hopefully see my husband. I just have to brag that he gave up concert tickets tonight to be w/ me. His mom is also flying into town any minute & he will go pick her up w/ the girls. I think they are going to be happy to be back to normal (sort-of) at home. It's just hard to imagine I won't be there with them for nearly another week.


Erin said...

Tara hun- you hang in there... your faith is so strong,a nd I am So glad you are healing... I know you cant wai tto see those precious girls again, they must miss their mama so much... stay strong, try and rest and hopefully god will get you home soon. HUGS! Erin