Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some prayers please....

Always ask for a prescription of pain meds!!! 4 Ibuprofen don't to the trick. It does keep the fever at bay though. When I got there it was 101. I won't know culture results till Wed or Thurs., but I have a follow-up visit tomorrow (Tues.) I will ask for something for the pain then. Unfortunately, the doctor said it would get worse before better, & it has. It has spread past the line marked (as he said it would) but it should also recede after a cpl days of antibiotics. He had to go way down the list to find one I could take (b/c of my allergies) & if it doesn't work (the lab tests it on their sample) I get a new one. So far I haven't noticed any change for the better, but I'm still praying.

***A tad TMI***

Taking a little trip to Urgent Care for an abscess that has gotten out of control. It has swollen significantly lately...let's just say larger than golf ball, smaller than a baseball. Could be staph, don't know. I know it hurts like heck & I think having the chills scares me more. Not really much of a fever though, my temp stays between 99.5 & 99.9. Anyways, better safe than sorry. I never go to the Dr. so this is a big thing for me.

Thanks for the prayers, I will update as soon as I can. Hopefully, on some form of pain meds & antibiotics.


kmoye said...

glad to hear you're going to doc!!! get better soon!

Gina said...

let us know what is up! Prayers being sent up in your name! Get well!

The Coleman Chronicles said...

oh my-- Please keep us posted. If you are on the right antibotics, then you should start to see an improvement.