Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not so great, not too bad (Appt. update)

Last night, I noticed some swelling near/around some of my stitches, but no fever, redness, or anything to cause panic. I saw my Infectious Disease Dr. today at my weekly appt. & he thinks there might be a secondary infection, even though the rest of the stitches look very good. I am now on 2 more antibiotics, but these are in pill form. He thinks that broader coverage, as far as meds go, will be beneficial, seeing as they don't know for sure what is going on. Both meds are appetite suppresants which given my intake lately, are not too good for me. Most people report a metallic taste from one of the meds & nausea w/ both, surely not fun. Ahh the wonders of modern medicine, I must feel worse to get better.

So far the hot flashes are back, along w/ a little nausea, but no allergic reactions, which I have to be careful of b/c my med allergy count is at 6. I am keeping a close eye on the area & also taking my temperature. Still no cause for alarm, or an ER trip, but I think I have everything in order just in case. So please say a prayer for some newer quicker healing, very little side effects, & everything else you can muster.

I do feel like I have been rocked a little by all this new stuff going on, but my faith is strong & I am very optimistic. I joke & say I am in the "humor stage" of grief. Nothing like a little laughter to lighten the situation. =)

Love, T


kmoye said...

my prayers are still with you, every day.
love you, kandis