Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tues. 3/3 ~ Week3

Sorry for the lack of updates, I had a really rough day yesterday. My surgery was early in the morning, took a good bit of anesthesia to get me under, but I did great. My wound was closed (not too tight so it could still drain) & my Dr said it looked really healthy, w/ only a little bit of debriding done. In recovery though, the pain was awful. The nurses gave me everything they could & I was still clinging to the side of the bed crying. They called anesthesia back to okay some more pain meds & something to calm me down. I felt better enough to be moved back to my room. I had ice bags & pillows everywhere, but still had a hard time getting comfortable. Just when I had my pain meds on a fairly good rotation Demerol, then 2hrs later Morphine, the night nurse was late half an hour on delivering them. So the next meds didn't work as good as long, then he let me sleep too long & I was another hour late for my demerol. Well, then the medicine didn't touch the pain by then, but I needed to eat breakfast before I had more, so I didn't get sick. Needless to say I am typing this too you on Morphine, Demerol, Zofran (for the nausea), 2 ice bags, & about 6 pillows. Hopefully, the Wound Care nurse will be in soon for the "big reveal", when I get to see my new stitches. I did get an update from my Hyperbaric Dr. & it looks like I won't have to go downstairs anymore for treatment, as my wound looked pretty healthy of bacteria (in surgery) & it was healing just right. The latest tissue culture should be back by the end of the week & I will know if the Staph is still present. My surgeon has Friday set as my tentative release date, which should give me enough time to start walking, lose the Cath, & get down to just the Percocet for pain meds.

(BTW: I still <3 my nurses, pain meds or not, they have been super-awesome!)

Off to rest! Love, Tara


Pam said...

Wow, I can't even imagine the pain your in right now. My prayers are with you, hold strong. I am so glad to hear that the wound is finally healing and you have some good prospects of going home. Im sure laying in your own bed will never feel so good! God Bless.