Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update from home

I love my husband! He has not only taken on the role of Daddy, Mommy, UPS Manager, Housekeeper, etc. (really I could go on all day), he is now my wonderful Nurse. He takes such good care of me (even if I make him take 100 trips around the house), makes me eat (which I have to do tons of), & he gives me my IV meds (like a medical professional.) Words cannot express how much I love this man & how proud I am.

Me, I am doing well. I have been lounging around as much as I can, but sometimes I am naughty & scrub a wall or dish here & there. I totally cannot help it, it's just part of my nature. I did have a Dr appt. today. My IV site looks good, once again thanks to Casey. I am keeping my wound site clean, no pink/red or swelling, which is good. There is just one area of concern where my skin is hard/tough. So, instead of switching to antibiotic pills soon, I am going to remain getting them through my IV for a little while longer. I really thought I was out of the fighting stage & into just the healing, which is a bummer, but I am trying not to feel down. Just means more praying. =) I see my surgeon tomorrow at the Wound Care Center, so hopefully I will get a little more insight into how I am healing & talk pain meds before I run out. There will probably be nothing to report, but if there is, y'all will know.

I know I have said this so many times, but thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the prayers, food, gifts, flowers, child care, & everything else. I am so grateful for all the help, it has certainly lifted me.


kmoye said...

I am so glad to hear from you. You better stay off your feet little missy : )
Let Casey take care of you and everything else. You have cared for him for nine years so its his turn.
Keep your spirits high cause things could have been a lot worse. a lot worse!
love you.

The Coleman Chronicles said...

Thank you for the update and I am glad to hear that you are doing better because I was starting to worry because you haven't posted any news.

Tell Casey that I am proud of him too and to remember to take care of himself too.