Friday, March 6, 2009

Fri. 3/6 ~ The Finale

What started as a tiny bump, turned into emergency surgery 4 days later, 2 more surgeries & 17 days later, here & I am going to be discharged! (Did I mention the isolation? I nearly went insane!)

I got the pain control figured out. A whopping 15mg of Percocet every 4hrs, keeps me happy. I will be getting antibiotics through my IV line each night. Thank God for insurance, b/c each tiny bag is $300. My stitches look good, kinda like a baseball. I have to take it really easy, it was not a 3-layer closure, so I am fragile & I absolutely do not want to bust anything! But, I feel good & I am so darn happy to be alive & getting well. I did come in here w/ 3 medicinal allergies, but now I have 6, & my arm itches like crazy all the time b/c of all the tape that keeps my IV are clean. We have tried every tape here, for this & that, but I am sensitive to it all. It's nothing a little benadryl & a nap won't help.

My diet is high protein & lots of calories to regrow the tissue between the stitches. (I usually would say wound, rather than incision b/c literally, there was a huge gap there.) So, don't be surprised if I have gained 50lbs by the time you see me. Not that I mind, it will just mean more of me to love! I have learned to drink a ton of water, which is a good habit for me, I just liked it better when I was on the catheter.

Oh yea, when you see me walking, the shuffle will probably be my normal gait for a while, b/c he had to sew my leg in a little & it is weird to walk. Like if I wanted to sit on the floor indian style (or yoga pose) my left leg wouldn't (& shouldn't yet) lay flat against the floor. It's gonna take lots of healing, then a while of stretching, but I am up to the challenge.

This hospital has been super awesome, the Drs, the nurses (all besides one), all the way down the to housekeeping & food service employees. I love them all! I can't thank you all enough, as well, for all of the support, food, visits, flowers, calls, gifts, prayers, you name it! I am going to be writing up a testimony in the coming weeks & by God's grace I want to share it with you all.

Okay, I am going to stop my rambling now, I see I have been all over the place, but I am just so excited...& my coffee is not here yet. Lots of love & prayers of thanksgiving! ~T


Julie said...

Yay! You're going home! Jim and I have been praying for you and your family....I know you are probably really ready to set up the new normal at home. We'll keep praying for your pain levels!
Julie and Jim

Erin said...

yeah! iam so glad your able to go home.. take care of your self though hun! youve been through soem pretty tough stuff! HUGS!

Gina said...

Whooot! Whooot!!! That is great news!

And hey, you needed a little meat on your bones anyway, right??

Love you! And our continued prayers are with you as you travel home.

The Coleman Chronicles said...

Awesome news!! I am sure you are ready to look at some different colored walls and nothing beats being at home!!!

Take care of yourself- Love ya, Aunt Lisa