Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday!!

I am most thankful for....
... not having a heart attack when I encountered my intense arachnophobia.

I opened my backdoor and walked right into a thick huge spider web. I immediately closed the door & began to freak out, or have a seziure? I mean I was jumping, squealing, & flapping at my body & hair. Then I started to freak out some more when I felt something in my hair. I had a small clip in, & I knew it, but in that split second, you could not convince me it wasn't a huge hairy spider!

I think that was the biggest immediate freak-out I have ever done. I seriously wonder how many times my heart stopped. The web was SO thick, I know I did some damage. I am sure I looked crazy to the little girls, as I was hopping around & flapping. When I was done, still not calm, I called Casey. I figured while I was relaying my fear, I would look out the back window (I doubt I will be using that door for weeks now) & see if I saw anything.

Sure enough!

Do you not realize that could have been on me? No, I barely missed it by maybe an inch over my left shoulder. THANK YOU GOD! I probably would've peed on myself, passed out, had a heart attack, & it probably would have never bitten me. If it had, it would not be life-threatening. To ME, it would have been life-threatening if it would've just smiled at me!

So, since I narrowly escaped death, I have painfully taken some pictures of the ugliest thing God ever created. I am sharing b/c I want y'all to know it wasn't a little fuzzy baby Charlotte that had me freaking out.

It was this!!!

Ugh! Now I am having a hard time going back in my kitchen to clean! I swear, if it comes in my house, Casey WILL come home from work!


Gina said...

Oh girl! I have the exact same spider(s) outside my bathroom window! I freaked out when Ben showed me "our new pets"! We have two of them on two seperate huge webs. One is bigger and I assume she would be female. The good news is that it is in the corner of our fence and our house. Not in any walkway! The bad news is that I have to keep my blinds closed because she is right smack dab in my view of the window! YUK!

I plan on google-ing it and see what kind of spider that is. But I am sure it isnt dangerous. Jus think of all the bugs she has been killing for you!

The Coleman Chronicles said...

I think they are called Bananna Spiders. I will check with one of my science teacher friends and if my memory hold true-- they are harmless (the spiders, not my science teacher friends)

The Coleman Chronicles said...

Okay- I checked with my friends that is a Banana Spider which sometimes is called a Garden Spider. They are completely harmless and eat lots of bugs and flies!! So don't kill him, just have Casey move him to the edge of the yard.