Monday, September 8, 2008

3yr old funnies!

(Sitting on the couch)

J: Do you love me mom?

Me: Yes, I love you!

J: Do you love me mucher?

Me: Yes, I love you more.

J: No, do you love me mucher?

Me: Yes, *giggle* I love you mucher! *hug*

(Sitting at the table)

J: Mom, I no want you to heat it up.

Me: *putting the plate in the microwave* Just for a minute, you don't want to eat it cold.

J: No mom.

Me: It'll be done soon.

J: Well, it's gonna get cooker.
(I suppose she meant hotter?)

(In the van, she sits behind me (driving)

J: Mom, look at this!

Me: I can't look right now.

J: Look in your mirror! (I have 2 mirrors, one showing the back window & one that shows the kids in the back, like a school bus)

Me: I really can't see Sweetie & I can't turn around I have to keep my eyes on the road.

J: Un-uh! You have to keep your eyes in your _____!
(I couldn't quite understand her)

Me: My what?
(I looked in the mirror & saw her pointing to her eyes!)

J: In your HOLES! Keep your eyes in your holes!
(I was laughing so hard, I could barely keep my eyes on the road!)

Gosh, she is so funny, I forgot all about this "literal" age!