Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My friends!!!

I am shamefully plugging my Tupperware Brunch/Party coming up this Saturday. If you would like to order anything give me a call & I can have it ordered & shipped right to you! If I can't get a catalog to you in person, please check out the Tupperware website! by clicking HERE...

I have to rave about my cups & lids with the straw holes. Oh, I love them! Best thing ever for my kids, who never can finish a whole glass of milk. I just put them right back in the fridge. I also love my trays, which the kids think are so cool to have dinner on. They look like lunch room trays! I also have some bowls, perfect for pudding creations & even some microwaveable ones, I don't know how I ever lived without! Now I am throwing out all my cheap stuff & replacing it w/ something that will last!

They have also come out w/ a few products we haven't seen in a little while (such as the Hamburger Press!) as well as some great deals (12 cups w/ lids for $24!)Okay, enough of the "saleswoman" in me, I really am not using you all for host points, I genuinely love this stuff!

If you live nearby & would like to come, or bring a friend, or you didn't get an invite, I am sorry, you are still more than welcome to join us! Email me or call for the address or ordering information! Back to your regular blogcast!