Monday, September 1, 2008

Sweet girls!

Josie and I had the sweetest talk ever about having Jesus in your heart. She takes everything so literal, it's funny. She also started to talk about Heaven & how Mommaw's bird went to Heaven b/c he had Jesus in his heart too. She just doesn't know how beautiful she is & how much she means to me.

Livvy's word of the day is "up!" She kept trying to climb up my legs all day long, so we taught her to say that. (The other day she wanted me to hold her, so she bit the back of my leg while i was doing dishes. I told her we don't bite, we use words. Guess she didn't know which one to use.) Anyways, she repeated it all day long. Earlier, we were outside & she looked up at the sky, then a tree, pointed, and said "up!" Melts my heart.

Hannah, she really just has a way about her. She is most definitely so much like me, we are like rams w/ horns locked. She moved me the most today, when she apologized for something simple. She was so humble, it amazed me. She is normally so high and mighty, that it really caught me off-guard. Then she kissed me!

*Update on my big-little testimony..It was so wonderful! I will have to type it out sometime. I really was so scared, but God gave me so much peace, courage, strength, you name it, that I actually had fun! I would've never thought I could do something like that. Me? In front of 300+ ppl? LOL, truly a miracle!