Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm antibiotic-free!

I'm still getting it all out of my system, but this is the 1st day in 7wks, that I haven't HAD to take anything? I am feeling pretty okay. My ID Dr. thinks that all the bacteria is gone & my wound is pretty much healed on the outside. I still have a little area that needs to close completely, but it certainly looks much better. There is still a slight chance that I could get sick again, but nothing to worry about.

Did I mention I was allergic to the last (newest) antibiotic I was on? Yea, now I am allergic to 7 meds. Three of them treat MRSA, so that could really limit the amount of meds that could work for me if I get a repeat infection, but also two other antibiotics for other infections, & then two pain meds. Those are just my allergies, not my sensitivities, geez. To think I used to love hospitals, & now I would be happy to not go back, ever. Okay, I lie, I would LOVE one more kiddo, but I definitely have a lot more patience there.

I have about 6 more Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) treatments, then an appt. with my surgeon in 2wks, & God-willing I will be free! I am so grateful that I am alive & doing so well. There are so many others that don't get better, but I did. Thank God!

I am also feeling pretty good pain-wise, just uncomfortable sometimes. It is gonna take about 18mths to heal all through & through, but it IS healing. I am working on getting my energy back, but I can't seem to find it, yet. I think the kids have it. I can't keep up!

I am hoping to have some new pics soon, my camera is definitely being neglected. =)


kmoye said...

so glad to hear all that!
don't push yourself! only do what you really feel you can and no more!
Great news. so happy to read all that!

The Coleman Chronicles said...

Yes, GREAT news. Continue to take care of yourself and the healing will be completed before you know it.