Thursday, April 16, 2009

I get the crust, they get the sandwich.

LOL, that is how our dinners go nowadays. I don't know how I did it pre-infection. I seriously cannot get half the kids clean, half the house clean, or half my to-do list done by midnight. Then I wake up before 7am & try again, to no avail. I know having a clean house is not the most important thing in my life, but it is so relaxing to sit in a clean room & just relax. Just to sit down & get on the computer for 15mins would get so much done in terms of my to-do list, but in the mean time I have kids scattering paint throughout the house, or all over themselves. Don't even get me started!

Honestly, I think the worst thing I have ended up with (cuz I could care less about an ugly scar, really!) is my lack of brain function! I cannot multi-task anymore for the life of me. I guess when Casey became the Mom, I became the Dad? Now he gets to go back to work with life-changing skills & I am left a useless heap. *Please read: I am NOT trying to be down on myself (nor am I calling my husband useless), I have HAD to be pretty self-focused, but I want my Supermommy cape back!

Did I mention I completed my Hyperbaric treatments today? YEAH!! I only had to do 24 treatments, or 42hrs & 24mins, or 2544 minutes, or 152640 seconds, not that I was counting. (LOL, or that my math is right!?!) Yes, I am a free woman, no more early morning rush-hour traffic, babysitters, or watching movies in a tank full of oxygen. Ok, I did sleep some of the time. It was cool, it helped me heal, & now may I live forever! Haha, joking (unless I turn into a hot vampire, also kidding again. )

Okay, okay, I found a super-awesome blog just now, I cannot wait to start reading all about it, when I take my next break & all. =)
..,To Love, Honor, and Vacuum


kmoye said...

*stomps feet, raises hands, hollers*
aka the happy dance
No more treatments is great news. and seriously my house only stays semi-clean. As in if you don't look too deep then it appears clean. cause man, kids are time suckers. : )

The Coleman Chronicles said...

Okay-- I don't have kids at home to mess up my house and I still can't keep it clean-- what's up with that. I think someone comes in during the night and makes a bigger mess.

glad you are free--