Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have a sleeping problem. Maybe a lot of people do? Women? Or could it be a mom thing? My ears are so sensitive I can hear nearly every move the kids, my husband, & even the cat makes in the middle of the night. I must be the last person asleep, or I just can't settle. If I wake up for anything, I have to go through a long waiting period for my brain to go back to sleep. Seems like I have been waking up more now than ever, even when the kids are sound asleep & it takes me longer & longer. I just toss & toss. This makes for a very cranky mommy & wife. Not who I want to be, of course.

So while I am laying there, you wouldn't believe the blog posts I come up with! Or the emails, funny stories, poems, songs, grocery lists, to-do lists, prayers, you name it, my brain will think of it! I am a genius after midnight!!! =)

Then I wake up to the crankiness that is my kids. Liv is usually pretty funny & happy, Hannah justs wants some breakfast, & Josie, well even if she wakes up on her own, she usually isn't too happy. That girl is my nite-owl. If I gave her a tiny 5min. nap during the day she would stay up past midnight. That is why she doesn't get naps, but also why I have to deal with even more crankiness come 5pm. Not so cool w/ a grumpy mom on top of it. I am trying though, hot chocolate before bed (to warm me up), a little snack (I can't sleep if I'm hungry), & some exercise during the day (unfortunately I'm too tired to do it more than every 2 days.)

The winter blahs have hit, the snow storm secluding us doesn't help, & I am always seeming to get sick now, so I am no bag of joy to be around. But!!! I do have good news which I am late posting about! So, I won't be too tired to type it up again (remember the lost post? yes I'm still peeved) & share it w/ everyone!!!

It is amazing how this woman gets ME...


kmoye said...

love the new background. you know, i haven't been sleeping good lately either. i have no idea why but i wake up in the night or early morning. actually sometimes its cause reese is making noise but mostly for no reason. cut out the hot chocolate cause its got caffiene (sp?).