Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I think I will just lay around & nurse my poor calves.

Oh, I am not referring to the kiddos, I mean my own personal lower leg muscles. Who knew you had to stretch before running??? LOL, I'll survive, I am just surprised I haven't hurt myself more. I am loving my new workout regime (ahem, Wii Fit) so much that I am sad I don't have enough narcotics in me to do it some more. =( Casey says it needs to heal, I would rather work out the kinks. Guess it's a good thing I'm submissive & will allow myself a break. =)

**I will add that working out & getting into shape isn't like some new resolution for me, I always have the desire, just not the energy, determination, patience, & discipline. =)

I hope you have enjoyed my nonsense, it's about all I will probably get done today. =P I am working on some Biblical Resolutions (if you can call them that) for this New Year. I hope to share them soon. (I say hope, b/c I resolved not to resolve to stop procrastinating. I always fail that one!) Well, my house is a toddler too quite, so I think I will play a little game of Hobble & Seek!

God Bless!


DeAnn said...

Yay to you!!!!! Congrats!

kmoye said...

too funny! if i was you i would soak in a tub to relieve your muscles. add some epsom salt if you have it. also, warm up then stretch and remember No pain, No gain. its true.