Wednesday, January 28, 2009

brain malFUNction

Not to bump down my glorious news, but I have a funny tidbit to share. Casey & I were online shopping for a new couch* the other night. I just can't seem to find THE ONE. Anways, I was on yahoo & typed in the name of a store I frequently like to online window shop at...only this is what I type..


LOL! Before I even noticed, I hit enter. Casey was all like "I don't think I want to buy a couch from THAT kind of place!" Oops!

I meant Pottery Barn, but of course all this potty training is turning my brain to mush. Even more evident by the fact I was trying to justify their couch prices! Ever notice the "ouch" in couch?!

*It's a sectional I am looking for, so if anyone has any ideas, lemme know!


DeAnn said...

I still want this one from Haverty's. They screwed up my delivery and so I cancelled the order on principle. BOO!