Monday, January 19, 2009


Boy, did Chef Boyardee taste better as a kid! Same for boxes of macaroni & cheese, McDonalds, american cheese, hot dogs, you name it. I guess my tastes weren't as sophiscated as they are now, & I don't even eat gourmet!

I think I am going to start making a list of all the things I look up on Wikipedia each week. Today alone I have looked up Salmonellosis, Blackberries, & Book of Life.

I could really go for some peanut butter crackes right now!

#1 and #3 liked to play in their #2. LOL, you get it?

My left-click mouse button is only working 25% of the time, grrr.

I have quite a few other more interesting (to me) things to post, but I lost a huge post, b/c I didn't save. Why did I do it on notepad? Needless to say, I'm mad. I will try to make myself rewrite it & share. =) In the meantime, enjoy..

Marshmallows: the other white meat.

Cousins - Alivia (19mths) & Sheridan (4.5yrs)


Gina said...

Isnt it funny how our tastes change??? Have you eaten a piece of candy from a Pez Dispenser? Those things taste terrible!! But I still like the Mac n Cheese in the blue box! But I also like homemade and it is really pretty easy, but my kids DONT like it! LOL!
Cute pic!

kmoye said...

i totally said the same thing when i ate some spagetti o's, not yummy. very cute pic!