Wednesday, January 28, 2009

brain malFUNction

Not to bump down my glorious news, but I have a funny tidbit to share. Casey & I were online shopping for a new couch* the other night. I just can't seem to find THE ONE. Anways, I was on yahoo & typed in the name of a store I frequently like to online window shop at...only this is what I type..


LOL! Before I even noticed, I hit enter. Casey was all like "I don't think I want to buy a couch from THAT kind of place!" Oops!

I meant Pottery Barn, but of course all this potty training is turning my brain to mush. Even more evident by the fact I was trying to justify their couch prices! Ever notice the "ouch" in couch?!

*It's a sectional I am looking for, so if anyone has any ideas, lemme know!

Sharing the Good News!!!

Short version:

Hannah is a Christian!!!

Long (very long) version:

We are members of a Baptist Church here in Louisville. When Hannah gets out of Sunday school she meets me for Worship service. Almost every other week she has Children's Church during Worship, the other Sundays she stays for the sermon and draws/writes notes. About 2mths ago, we were sitting in church & our pastor was talking about the Book of Life. Hannah leans over & whispers "Is my name in there? In that book?" I was taken aback by the question, b/c I never think she is paying attention. I explain to her very briefly what the book is & why my name is in there. My non-educated answer suited her just fine.

Fast forward a few Sundays & Hannah is in church with me again. She seems to be paying attention again & during the invitation I explain to her about the time I asked Jesus into my heart, in more exact detail. So we head home from church & on the way Hannah blurts from the back "Mom, I think I'm ready." I ask what for, she says "To give my life, my heart to Jesus." Way to make a momma cry!!! For real, it took me a few moments to answer her. I told her what a big decision/commitment this was to make, but that she would never regret it, etc etc. I told her when we got into the driveway (hungry, tired kids & all) we would pray. And so we did. We prayed (& I cried) all about Hannah's heart, Jesus, changing her attitudes, her life. After closing prayer, I told her that we needed to tell someone at church & they would be able to talk to her more. (This momma was not prepared for the convo!)

We go to church the following Wed. night for another yummy dinner & as soon as she sees the pastor she runs to him "I'm ready to accept Jesus!" (Maybe not the exact words, but it left an impression still!)So we schedule to have a sit-down talk during our next Sunday school class, since she has never had his "stick-man" interpretation of the Gospel. It was undescribable and great, and he said whenever she was ready she could come forward during the Invitation at church. She walks out & says to me "Momma, I am ready!" After we finish our classes we go to church together. She doesn't budge during the Invitation! I was confused. We get out to the van & she says "Momma, which song was I supposed to go up during?" I about fell out of the vehicle! I didn't tell her b/c I thought she knew when to go & if I nudged her she would feel pressured & go b/c of me, not of her own free will. I assured her I would tell her which song the following Sunday.

Another fast forward...We go to early service b/c I have Nursery Duty during our 11a.m. Worship. I let Hannah know which songs we are singing first & last. She is excited to hear that we will be singing "The Narnia Song" as it is called in our family, a.k.a "Old Rugged Cross." I tell her IF she is ready then that is her cue to go forward. Again, we start singing & she doesn't budge. Then it hits her! "Momma, I'm ready, but you gotta go with me." I grab her hand & try to walk, but she isn't moving. I stop, otherwise I would be dragging her & that was not my intent. When I look over she says "Wait...wait...okay now!" and we take off! I was & am so proud of her. She prayed, was received by the church, & made me cry again! It was wonderful! I told her I was crying b/c I was so happy & that angels in Heaven were singing right now.

So she is going to be baptized (or is it baptised?) this Sunday the 1st!! So if you are in-town you are most invited to join us! Isn't God great!



I have a sleeping problem. Maybe a lot of people do? Women? Or could it be a mom thing? My ears are so sensitive I can hear nearly every move the kids, my husband, & even the cat makes in the middle of the night. I must be the last person asleep, or I just can't settle. If I wake up for anything, I have to go through a long waiting period for my brain to go back to sleep. Seems like I have been waking up more now than ever, even when the kids are sound asleep & it takes me longer & longer. I just toss & toss. This makes for a very cranky mommy & wife. Not who I want to be, of course.

So while I am laying there, you wouldn't believe the blog posts I come up with! Or the emails, funny stories, poems, songs, grocery lists, to-do lists, prayers, you name it, my brain will think of it! I am a genius after midnight!!! =)

Then I wake up to the crankiness that is my kids. Liv is usually pretty funny & happy, Hannah justs wants some breakfast, & Josie, well even if she wakes up on her own, she usually isn't too happy. That girl is my nite-owl. If I gave her a tiny 5min. nap during the day she would stay up past midnight. That is why she doesn't get naps, but also why I have to deal with even more crankiness come 5pm. Not so cool w/ a grumpy mom on top of it. I am trying though, hot chocolate before bed (to warm me up), a little snack (I can't sleep if I'm hungry), & some exercise during the day (unfortunately I'm too tired to do it more than every 2 days.)

The winter blahs have hit, the snow storm secluding us doesn't help, & I am always seeming to get sick now, so I am no bag of joy to be around. But!!! I do have good news which I am late posting about! So, I won't be too tired to type it up again (remember the lost post? yes I'm still peeved) & share it w/ everyone!!!

It is amazing how this woman gets ME...

Monday, January 19, 2009


Boy, did Chef Boyardee taste better as a kid! Same for boxes of macaroni & cheese, McDonalds, american cheese, hot dogs, you name it. I guess my tastes weren't as sophiscated as they are now, & I don't even eat gourmet!

I think I am going to start making a list of all the things I look up on Wikipedia each week. Today alone I have looked up Salmonellosis, Blackberries, & Book of Life.

I could really go for some peanut butter crackes right now!

#1 and #3 liked to play in their #2. LOL, you get it?

My left-click mouse button is only working 25% of the time, grrr.

I have quite a few other more interesting (to me) things to post, but I lost a huge post, b/c I didn't save. Why did I do it on notepad? Needless to say, I'm mad. I will try to make myself rewrite it & share. =) In the meantime, enjoy..

Marshmallows: the other white meat.

Cousins - Alivia (19mths) & Sheridan (4.5yrs)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I think I will just lay around & nurse my poor calves.

Oh, I am not referring to the kiddos, I mean my own personal lower leg muscles. Who knew you had to stretch before running??? LOL, I'll survive, I am just surprised I haven't hurt myself more. I am loving my new workout regime (ahem, Wii Fit) so much that I am sad I don't have enough narcotics in me to do it some more. =( Casey says it needs to heal, I would rather work out the kinks. Guess it's a good thing I'm submissive & will allow myself a break. =)

**I will add that working out & getting into shape isn't like some new resolution for me, I always have the desire, just not the energy, determination, patience, & discipline. =)

I hope you have enjoyed my nonsense, it's about all I will probably get done today. =P I am working on some Biblical Resolutions (if you can call them that) for this New Year. I hope to share them soon. (I say hope, b/c I resolved not to resolve to stop procrastinating. I always fail that one!) Well, my house is a toddler too quite, so I think I will play a little game of Hobble & Seek!

God Bless!