Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The month of October

Many of y'all don't know this about me...but I really want to tell my story.

I lost my 1st child at 10wks gestation in Oct. 1999.

I lost my second at 6wks in Jan. 2001.

I lost my 3rd at 9wks, missing twin. I carried his/her sister full-term. Hannah is six (born Dec. 2001).

I lost my 5th child at 6wks in July 2004.

Dec 2004, an ER doctor told I was losing my 6th child at 12wks, but after many many weeks of bedrest Josie was born healthy at 39wks. She is 3yrs old (July05).

Alivia, my 7th child, is 17mths (May07), born healthy at 38wks.

I can't wait to hold all my little babies in heaven, but for now I cherish the ones God has given me. God is good!

Maybe someday He will give me one more??? =)

If you visit Angie's Bring The Rain you can read all about her story (& Audrey's) & post your own, or just pray for other women who have lost a child(ren) as well.