Saturday, August 30, 2008

On the mend =)

Nothing a few days of Nyquil/Dayquil couldn't cure. I haven't been able to take either of these meds for the last 4yrs b/c I was either pregnant or nursing. Now I am free of both, so I'm feeling good, if not a little rundown. Probably due the fact I have been single-parenting all week. Casey comes home in an hour-ish! We are excited!

I have a big small testimony to give at church tomorrow, but after that I will try to be more updating. Some funny stuff has ensued these last few weeks. Good times!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Silly Sundays

I couldn't pick just one. They both sum me up perfectly today. Read more below this post.




I should probably go to the doctor, seeing as I am sick, again. (or still?) Do I ever? Nope. Not for the last 3yrs (besides routine OB/birth care for Liv.) Seriously, I had a teeny shard of glass taken out of my foot (broken nighlight) when Josie was a couple weeks old, since I have been my own Dr. Mom. I have survived (self-diagnosed) sinus infections, migraines, laryngitis, pink eye, the flu (a few times), and more cold & tummy bugs than I can count. I'm not Supermom, I wish I didn't think I have to be. Please don't try to convince to go to the Dr. though. It won't happen unless I can't take it, which I have to admit, may be soon.

I don't think I can handle all three kids w/out Casey for a week, sick. The housework is piling up, which gives me new headaches, & every whine feels like a rocket in my ears. I guess I just figure, the kids don't deserve a sick mom. They need a mom who is fun, and can play, and cook, and not get snappy and have to lay down. Speaking of laying down, that's what I should be doing, seeing as my mom has graciously taken the older two out for a little while. I think I will eat a little chicken noodle soup & read my Bible. Somehow I think this is what my kids need, me to rest up, for them. Maybe then I wouldn't get so sick on top of sick.

So my revelations of the day are to take it easy for yourself & others, who appreciate your company, don't get so bogged down in work day in & out. Lastly, ask for help! Geez, you think I wouldve mastered this one? Nope. It makes me feel weak. But maybe it is making me humble?

Y'all have a great week! I will update, I hope as soon as I am feeling better. Please pray for me. =) Best help I could ask for.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Catchin' up

Baby* gave me what I thought was a "teething cold." Now I have chest & sinus congestion, along w/ a peeling, sore nose. I think I am on the mend though! That makes me happy. I just need my energy level to come back.

Saturday, Casey and I went to his boss' wedding. We had a very nice time, it was beautiful. I had already been sick w/ a sore throat and runny nose a couple days, but somehow, by the grace of God, I survived the night w/ little ailments. So here is my Saturday Self-Portrait (not taken by me, of course...)


Sunday, we just didn't make it to church. I rolled over in my sick bed, to hear Casey groaning about his body aches and congestion. Baby's cold strikes again! Now, I am trying to clean the house the best I can, to prevent the other two from catching it. Which leads me to, my Silly Sunday...


Ahh, so true. Well, my coffee cup is empty, and I can't remember my last shower. Have a wonderful week, my friends. Mine is looking up!

*I don't think I have mentioned before, Baby is Alivia's nickname. It was shortened from Baby Cake, which Josie called her for a long time, even before birth. We know she isn't a baby, but she is ours. =)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fashion by Sharpie

Update to yesterday's "Fruit" post....


The girls are dressed. Well, the ones we have found anyways. Nothing special, but I never claimed to be a swimwear designer. =) Josie love their new looks, and Momma is happy!

Edited to add:

Guess Purple has been flirting w/ Green? =D

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Perhaps she ate the forbidden fruit?

Yeah, it had to have been the, no the orange last night, yep!

Today, Josie's friend Jacque came over. As soon as they were in the door they ran upstairs like always. This time, Josie was yelling "Come on Jacque! I have Barbies in my room! (she giggles) They are naked!" Then she giggles some more.

Wonderful!!! (too bad you can't hear the sarcasm in my type, b/c I am seriously rolling my eyes here)

She knows "privates" are private, we teach that early on. It's the naked ppl = funny thing that she must've just caught onto. I used to think that unrealistic Barbies were safe in the hands of my newly 3yr old. Nope, not here. I vote to Sharpie on some bikinis on them, at least. Saves me from having to put on those tight dresses, or see the perky boobs on them!

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, August 11, 2008

Why yes.....

I do have big teeth! (Just like Momma!)


....and red hair! (Who's kid is this?) It doesn't look this bright dry, but still.


She really is getting big! Her personality is growing more and more each day too! I love that I am starting to understand her jibberish, and she is starting to understand mine!

Keeping it in the family...

Sock-n-crocs (Livvy style!)


Just so you know, I seriously considered photoshopping out the overflowing garbage in this pic, and then I thought "Hey that is Casey's fault not mine!" LOL!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Silly Sundays


Gotta love "that week" of the month. Hannah's singing made me cry, the kids made me crazy, and I felt very invisible.