Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Perhaps she ate the forbidden fruit?

Yeah, it had to have been the, no the orange last night, yep!

Today, Josie's friend Jacque came over. As soon as they were in the door they ran upstairs like always. This time, Josie was yelling "Come on Jacque! I have Barbies in my room! (she giggles) They are naked!" Then she giggles some more.

Wonderful!!! (too bad you can't hear the sarcasm in my type, b/c I am seriously rolling my eyes here)

She knows "privates" are private, we teach that early on. It's the naked ppl = funny thing that she must've just caught onto. I used to think that unrealistic Barbies were safe in the hands of my newly 3yr old. Nope, not here. I vote to Sharpie on some bikinis on them, at least. Saves me from having to put on those tight dresses, or see the perky boobs on them!


kmoye said...

New layout looks great. I am all for sharpie underwear on Barbie.

Gina said...

That is too funny! "cmon and look at my naked barbies!" Leave it to Josie to say something like that! LOL!