Sunday, August 24, 2008


I should probably go to the doctor, seeing as I am sick, again. (or still?) Do I ever? Nope. Not for the last 3yrs (besides routine OB/birth care for Liv.) Seriously, I had a teeny shard of glass taken out of my foot (broken nighlight) when Josie was a couple weeks old, since I have been my own Dr. Mom. I have survived (self-diagnosed) sinus infections, migraines, laryngitis, pink eye, the flu (a few times), and more cold & tummy bugs than I can count. I'm not Supermom, I wish I didn't think I have to be. Please don't try to convince to go to the Dr. though. It won't happen unless I can't take it, which I have to admit, may be soon.

I don't think I can handle all three kids w/out Casey for a week, sick. The housework is piling up, which gives me new headaches, & every whine feels like a rocket in my ears. I guess I just figure, the kids don't deserve a sick mom. They need a mom who is fun, and can play, and cook, and not get snappy and have to lay down. Speaking of laying down, that's what I should be doing, seeing as my mom has graciously taken the older two out for a little while. I think I will eat a little chicken noodle soup & read my Bible. Somehow I think this is what my kids need, me to rest up, for them. Maybe then I wouldn't get so sick on top of sick.

So my revelations of the day are to take it easy for yourself & others, who appreciate your company, don't get so bogged down in work day in & out. Lastly, ask for help! Geez, you think I wouldve mastered this one? Nope. It makes me feel weak. But maybe it is making me humble?

Y'all have a great week! I will update, I hope as soon as I am feeling better. Please pray for me. =) Best help I could ask for.


kmoye said...

Hope you get to feeling better.

The Coleman Chronicles said...

Go to the doctor!! Get some meds/antibotics to kick it in the butt! You deserve to feel better and your family needs you. I know what it is to feel bad and it is no fun so go to the doctor. The faster you go the quicker you will feel better. You can't be SUPERMOM laying on the sofa :-)