Friday, March 21, 2008

Interview with a toddler...

Copied from my friends at my Mommy Board =)

I told Josie to come here, I had some questions for her. She said okay and suprisingly stayed on task...until the end. She was done, but I got a good laugh out of her. Enjoy!

How many eyes do you have? TWO
What color are your eyes? PINK (hazel would be more correct)
Where do you live? AT MY HOUSE
Are you a boy or a girl? GIRL
What is your favorite color? PINK
Where does Nemo live? IN WATER
Is Lightning Mc Queen a boy or a girl? GIRL? (she has seen that movie maybe 1x)
How old are you? GOOD! (reasked) THREE!
When is your birthday? AFTER JAMIE'S (we taught her Jamie's, then Sheridan's, etc)
What do you want for your birthday? PANCAKES, BARBIE
What is Mommy's name? TARA
What is Daddy's name? DADDY
What is your favorite color? PINK, PURPLE!
What is your favorite show/movie/book? CAILLOU, CAILLOU, UMMM JESUS!
What is your favorite toy? UMMM THIS! (holding a pirate)
What time is your bed time? FIRTY-CLOCK (lol, 9pm is more like it!)
What day is it? BOGGERS (???)
Where does the Easter Bunny live? IN A CAGE
What do you want to be when you grow up? I DON'T KNOW....A CAT?
How tall are you? TWO
How much do you weigh? SLEEP (???)
Where does milk come from? FROM DRINK
What is your favorite food? I WANT APPLE..I WANT BANANA..GET ME BANANA...COME HERE, TWO BANANAS (she remember seeing two earlier this morning on counter)...COME ON TARA!


Gina said...

Too Cute! LOL! I am soo stealing that to post on mine!
Cant wait to see you and all of your family this summer. We are really looking forward to it!hq