Saturday, March 15, 2008

The life I thought I wanted...

Just a random thought that entered my brain as my head hit the pillow late one night. Lucky for me, I got 8hrs of sleep and managed to remember my drifting thoughts.

I am a Stay At Home Mom. Certainly not where I thought I would be 10 years ago (you know that annoying little paper you have to write before you graduate.) I wanted to be successful, powerful, and rich! Two out of three aint bad at all. I have recently come to the conclusion that growing little people IS great! This IS the dream job!

You see...once upon a time, I dreamt to be...
A pilot....Does cruising around in a Minivan for hours on end count?
A doctor....No doctor has wiped more sniffly noses, kissed more boo-boos, or been on-call as much as I have.
A soldier...I battle daily between three rivaling sisters.
An interior designer...Everyday I get to choose which artwork graces my fridge.
An architect...Who builds the tallest block towers? Moi!

Those are just a few occupations I had in mind while growing up....They are not even close to the additional ones I have taken on in my life..such as..
hairstylist, chef, teacher, accountant, janitor, spiritual advisor, computer programmer, repairman, professional shopper (Hey, I really like this one!) and many, many more. Who knows how many more I will add to my resume, I'm psyched!

Feel free to comment me and add some of your dreams, or current job titles!


Gina said...

I had a similiar revalation... that I am doing EXACTLY what I was called to do! There is nothing more important, rewarding, challenging...(the list goes on..) than being a mom!
I am a Secretary (ie appointment scheduler, task manager), fashion consultant (oh, my, no, that does NOT go together!) and dont forget Photographer!

Melissa Ann said...


I think it's great that you're a stay-at-home Mom. I'm the only one of my friends whose mom stayed at home and now as an adult I value that time we had together.

Here's a website on biblical womanhood-right now they are doing a series on stay at home moms.

Enjoy! Melissa

DeAnn said...

You are certainly blessed to be with your kids all day!! I love this post, it made me tear up!