Monday, March 24, 2008

He Lives!

I had a wonderful Easter. I hope you did too! Lots of talk of Jesus and His love. What a blessed day! I have a few pics to share now, more later. (Lots of organizing/editing to be done, after house cleaning =)

Here is the cross in our sanctuary. (Blueprint action on this photo.)


I did not take this one, as I was leading the 2 and 3yr old choir that day, but I just love how the cross (same as above) makes a shadow of 2 additional crosses beside it. Always amazes me! (C. Huff took the pic, I just edited it. The drama team is performing on Palm Sunday.)


Wish I could squeeze my "brain sponge" out sometimes so I could share every tiny bit of wisdom the Lord blesses me with each day in my life, I really do.