Monday, March 24, 2008

He Lives!

I had a wonderful Easter. I hope you did too! Lots of talk of Jesus and His love. What a blessed day! I have a few pics to share now, more later. (Lots of organizing/editing to be done, after house cleaning =)

Here is the cross in our sanctuary. (Blueprint action on this photo.)


I did not take this one, as I was leading the 2 and 3yr old choir that day, but I just love how the cross (same as above) makes a shadow of 2 additional crosses beside it. Always amazes me! (C. Huff took the pic, I just edited it. The drama team is performing on Palm Sunday.)


Wish I could squeeze my "brain sponge" out sometimes so I could share every tiny bit of wisdom the Lord blesses me with each day in my life, I really do.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Interview with a toddler...

Copied from my friends at my Mommy Board =)

I told Josie to come here, I had some questions for her. She said okay and suprisingly stayed on task...until the end. She was done, but I got a good laugh out of her. Enjoy!

How many eyes do you have? TWO
What color are your eyes? PINK (hazel would be more correct)
Where do you live? AT MY HOUSE
Are you a boy or a girl? GIRL
What is your favorite color? PINK
Where does Nemo live? IN WATER
Is Lightning Mc Queen a boy or a girl? GIRL? (she has seen that movie maybe 1x)
How old are you? GOOD! (reasked) THREE!
When is your birthday? AFTER JAMIE'S (we taught her Jamie's, then Sheridan's, etc)
What do you want for your birthday? PANCAKES, BARBIE
What is Mommy's name? TARA
What is Daddy's name? DADDY
What is your favorite color? PINK, PURPLE!
What is your favorite show/movie/book? CAILLOU, CAILLOU, UMMM JESUS!
What is your favorite toy? UMMM THIS! (holding a pirate)
What time is your bed time? FIRTY-CLOCK (lol, 9pm is more like it!)
What day is it? BOGGERS (???)
Where does the Easter Bunny live? IN A CAGE
What do you want to be when you grow up? I DON'T KNOW....A CAT?
How tall are you? TWO
How much do you weigh? SLEEP (???)
Where does milk come from? FROM DRINK
What is your favorite food? I WANT APPLE..I WANT BANANA..GET ME BANANA...COME HERE, TWO BANANAS (she remember seeing two earlier this morning on counter)...COME ON TARA!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Green Girl!

Earth Day is Tuesday, April 22, 2008 Are you doing your part?

I just so happen to have a tree-hugging daughter!


and just for fun!


First Day of Spring!

I am so happy to have this past winter behind us. It sure was a cold one! Today was the first time we have actually enjoyed the outdoors in a long time!


This picture is SOOC (straight out of camera - no editing, other than birdie.) Notice how wonderful blue the sky is!

Just as a reminder of how cold it was not 2 weeks ago!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

The life I thought I wanted...

Just a random thought that entered my brain as my head hit the pillow late one night. Lucky for me, I got 8hrs of sleep and managed to remember my drifting thoughts.

I am a Stay At Home Mom. Certainly not where I thought I would be 10 years ago (you know that annoying little paper you have to write before you graduate.) I wanted to be successful, powerful, and rich! Two out of three aint bad at all. I have recently come to the conclusion that growing little people IS great! This IS the dream job!

You see...once upon a time, I dreamt to be...
A pilot....Does cruising around in a Minivan for hours on end count?
A doctor....No doctor has wiped more sniffly noses, kissed more boo-boos, or been on-call as much as I have.
A soldier...I battle daily between three rivaling sisters.
An interior designer...Everyday I get to choose which artwork graces my fridge.
An architect...Who builds the tallest block towers? Moi!

Those are just a few occupations I had in mind while growing up....They are not even close to the additional ones I have taken on in my life..such as..
hairstylist, chef, teacher, accountant, janitor, spiritual advisor, computer programmer, repairman, professional shopper (Hey, I really like this one!) and many, many more. Who knows how many more I will add to my resume, I'm psyched!

Feel free to comment me and add some of your dreams, or current job titles!


I would like to thank my friends, The Huffs, for reminding me that it has been too long since I have made an entry. They are absolutely right! I am lazy. I admit it, and to apologize, I would like to add a few entries. Okay, maybe only one or two, but at least this gets my creative juices flowing for many more!