Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Messy messes!

You never really see your house for how messy it is, until you get a good camera. I have tried to get a million shots of these kids, but the background is in the way. I see every little speck of dirt! I think we are going to have to do an outdoor photoshoot soon. That way maybe, I can focus on the kids, not the crumbs, or that apple under the table, and thoes shoes piled on the stairs. LOL, off to clean for half the day, then hopefully I can get some good shots of Josie and her best friend/cousin Sheridan playing.

This Saturday, Shawna's boys are in town, so we are going to take all seven kiddos to the park for some fun and photos (weather permitting.) If nothing else, some messy ice cream will do!