Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This subject matter may not be suitable for men....or dads...
(Just a warning!)

I had my first talk about periods with Hannah yesterday. No more skirting (hehe) around the issue, she has seen the dreaded pads, and wonders why they make little diapers for moms. So I am telling (ok, half telling) her what goes on and then it dawned on me...She is halfway there! No way! My little six year old daughter is halfway to fertility! Okay, so she may not be procreating at age 12, (God please help me there!) but still, she would be getting old Aunt Flo.

Why, oh why, did the good Lord give me girls? Hormonal, funky, nasty-attituded, gorgeous, gonna-make-me-wanna-scream-when-they-scream-at-me, girls? Time will tell, but for now all I hear is payback is a $%^&*. Great, I am done for! He only gives you what you can handle..right? Right?

So, the countdown to my daughter's puberty has begun, in my mind. The innocence I once saw when I looked at them has begun it's fade. No, it's not poetry, I'm a mom, finally seeing the real truth behind her kids. Shall I dare try for a son? Honestly, could it get any better? As my sweet children say..."You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"


Aunt Gina said...

I sure enjoy seeing how your day to day struggles and joys SOOOOO parallel mine! Three girls are amazing, but I have an added older boy to the mix. I also dread the "birds and the bees" talk with him. I may leave that mostly to dad! Here is a comment to get you laughing and appreciative about girls. Chandler (8.5 years) was in the bath and laying back and I happened to come in to the bathroom (it was MY bathroom after all!) and he said to me.... "Look mommy, its standing straight up and saluting me!" I said, with as straight as a face as I could muster... "yes dear, it sure is. Now leave it alone." Oh boy.

Love you Tara and THANK YOU for the laughs! I plan on checking in pretty regularly to keep updated on those beautiful girls of yours!