Thursday, September 17, 2009

Did I laugh before I had kids?

I can't remember. These little guys girls are the funniest, meanest, sweetest creatures God ever made. I love them!

For example, I have a cute story.

Today, I took the three girls Hannah (7), Josie (4), & Alivia (2) to the Pediatricians office. Every time we saw someone Liv would say "No shot!" (She & Josie got shots in the same office 2mths ago.) Well, the Dr comes in & Liv looks at him & says "No shot me! No shot me!" I laugh, he laughs, then he says "No, I won't shot you." It was funny! Then she says "You sit here" showing the Dr. that he can sit right up on the table next to her. He says okay & hops up there. She climbs in his lap (I am shocked at this point!) and he just casually checks her out. She was all "check my mouth now, check my ears, I breathe." ADORABLE!!! So, she has Strep throat, but she was so good & has her medicine now. (Which, after the first dose, she claimed was very ickky.)

Some of the funny things said around here:

Josie: "Mom, can i have some Ginger-Roo to drink too?"

Hannah: "Mom, would you let me go out w/ a vampire. Or go play baseball with one?"

Josie: "Mom, I like reading too, I am never going to play again!"

Alivia: "Come on Momma, I need tot-tart!"

Alivia: "SuperGirl to the rescue! dun-dun-duh"
Josie: "I'm SweatyGirl!" later "I'm LavaGirl!"

Josie (singing): "Creepy is my middle name!"

Me: "It's not the end of the world, just the end of your sucker."

Josie: "Mom, I wish I was normal."

Hannah: "Mom, can u fix your hair before you walk me down to the bus stop?"

Josie: "Mom, get the computer away from your head!"

With that last one in mind, I will close. Hope you enjoyed!

PS. I did get these off my Twitter acct. Before Twitter, I forgot all the good stuff.