Friday, December 19, 2008

Flashback Friday

It's December you say?
Yep, that must be why we are sick.
No kidding! Again.

*sigh* It's like deja vu. Josie had the bark, then the fever, Livvy had it, now I have it. I feel like I'm back in Newport

That's us. =( Only I wish I had the sun on my face.

But we are on the mend! No doubt, we have a lot going on & must regain some normalcy/energy here. So, since we get sick every single December, I am reconsidering my take on the flu shot. Perhaps we can give it a try, next year. Do you have any thoughts or comments on it? Is it true once you have one you will need one every year from then on? I don't trust all common medicine/ vaccinations, though my kids get most, so I am still on the fence.

So on to the Flashback... I have recently aquired a huge & cute old picture of me! Proof that one daughter (Alivia) looks like me! Not Casey, not Josie - so much, but Me!

If you don't see the resemblance, that's okay. I will *try* to get a pic of Liv today so you can really see it. Meanwhile, I have a Christmas breakfast in the morning, company tomorrow (which means tons of cleaning), & some more dryer parts to order (whirlpool hates me!) Don't think for a second that the "real meaning" of Christmas has escaped me, or my house. Nope, after Casey's birthday (Sat.) & Hannah's birthday (Tues.), it is our wonderful Jesus' birthday on Thursday!! Merry Christmas!!!


The Coleman Chronicles said...

Go to the doctor and get better before Christmas. Nobody wants to be sick during the holidays-- especially "moms" who must take care of everyone who is sick!!!!!

Precious pictures and I remember you just like that--