Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Did you know?

....loves fruit & veggies, but also enjoys meat (ham, hotdogs, bologna) & cheese (especially american)
....dislikes bread (buns, rolls, biscuits) but could eat tons of rice & noodles
....is impervious to all discipline tactics
....could be called stubborn & aloof
....loves hugs & taking care of her momma
....has a very girly sense of style, loves to dress-up
....dislikes basketball (maybe more sports too)
....should be my tallest kid
....is an awful room cleaner, but a wonderful room messer-upper
....loves to chew on everything, mostly her hair now
....never stops talking, but doesn't care to sing
....could play pretend & dance all day
....loves to sleep in very little w/ no blanket (any season)
....looks just like her daddy!

....has always been the runt
....took over Josie's nickname "Tornado" b/c she gets into more stuff than the other two ever did, combined!
....loves peanut butter, plums, pancakes, chocolate, cake & cupcakes
....will not eat her meal if she tries dessert first (or even sees it nearby)
....is potty training, of her own free-will.
....is smarter than she should be
....says "thank you", but thinks "please" sounds like stomping
....loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & would wear it all the time
....adores being read to, she is a great listener
....hardly ever sits still, dancing is her favorite
....loves all kinds of music, especially her own
....would rather be naked than wear clothes, but must sleep on her belly w/ a blanket
....looks just like her mommy!

....dislikes tomatoes, mexican food, & lots of veggies
....loves chinese food & bread
....was not "made in the USA"
....is a sensational reader (especially to her little sisters)
....could watch tv all day if I let her
....loves electronics & gadgets (PC, DS, MP3)
....can sing very well, but she is shy
....is very good at basketball, but not very aggresive
....is moody, thinks life is unfair, always has a comeback
....loves to clean & please
....is great at math, interested in science
....is always complimented on her looks
....has always been a perfect mix of Casey & I

I could go on all day! This is a little get-to-know-my-kids, but also a record to show them later on & see how they have changed. No two (or three) kids are alike, that is for sure!


kmoye said...

What a great idea to write that stuff done. I smiled the whole time I read it, very cute.

The Coleman Chronicles said...

Such sweet information: I can only imagine that you have your hands full with your 3 girls. Each one has such a different personality and that is what makes them special.