Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Still working on my focus...

I have wonderful subjects (though cooperation is rarely 100%) I just really really need to work on my focusing/ motion blur/ shutter speed, and all that good stuff. Seems like if I get the lighting right w/ my aperture, my shutter speed is off and vice versa, and so on. Like I said, good subjects though.

Here is a pic of Livvy next to a horse trailer during the Derby party we went to in Indiana. We had a great time and the land was so beautiful for taking pictures.


Obviously not SOOC, but even with a little tweaking the big version is a tad blurry around her face. Hmph!

This here is my sister Jamie, sitting on the same trailer, less blur and sepia-toned. I like this one and get a "senior picture" vibe from it (though she is far from graduating =)


My fave picture of the day, cannot for the life of me figure out how to edit to my taste, or maybe it needs little/no edit. All I did was brighten it a little and vignette. Here is edited and original. Hmmm...


That's all I got for now. =) Feedback is always welcome!