Monday, December 22, 2008

Couldn't think of a clever title

Well, I'm feeling better for the most parts, thanks! My voice is mostly back, much to the kids dismay. Half the time I couldn't tell if they couldn't hear me or if they were just pretending, hubby included. =)

So, I took this morning off (stayed in bed) while the kids ran around crazy. One was playing video games or sulking b/c she was bored, one tried to watch Jurassic Park & eat cheese all day, & the littlest ran around w/out her poopy diaper on w/ a candy cane in her mouth. Yes, that is the kind of mom I am.

I did redeem myself later by doing 1 load each of laundry & dishes. =) Then my sisters came over w/ more kids & I took Christmas pics of the baby boys in all their new gear. That was fun, but my back is killing me now. Go fig!

Here is a sneak to enlarge

You touch this candy cane & somebody gets hurt!
- Cael, Jules' little boy

Why didn't y'all tell me I could shoot poke my eye out?
- Aaron, Shawna's son

Aren't they adorable!!! Gonna go get on the heating pad now. You think you can have sympathy pains for yourself 7yrs later? Today, 7yrs ago, I was 2 days overdue w/ Hannah Banana. My back feels the same right about now. Good night! =)


kmoye said...

yes, they are adorable. who knew Santa had kids?

Chris Huff said...


Gina said...

good job on the pics, and good job on the cute boys to your sisters.!